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First, you should send an email to support team to explain the reasons of unsubscription. Please consider that you can only cancel your subscription on your profile within the specified time limit for each package.

Yes. If you feel confident about your knowledge, you can teach at UniqMaster. However, it is still necessary to provide us with some sort of proofing such as your transcription.

  • Our tutors will conduct quizzes after their online sessions.
  • We give bonuses to our hard-working and good students. They can collect these bonuses to use our special offers such as a discount on our packages.
  • Augmented Reality: With our Augmented Reality feature you can augment 3D models into the real world and start interacting with them.

Yes. We accept PayPal and Credit cards.

When a person is interested in becoming a tutor at UniqMaster, He/She should provide our team with some sort of proofing such as a university degree and transcription. We also look at the individual’s CV before allowing them to become a registered tutor at UniqMaster.

Yes. We will have occasional offers for example, during summer and school holidays. 

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