About us

We believe education must be accessible to everyone and we want to make life easier for students by providing interactive learning materials through our platform in order to make learning fun and easy. 

What is UniqMaster?

UniqMaster will guide students from the time they need assistance for their admission applications until the time they find a job in the real world. Our platform has four packages; Basic, Premium and Gold. The fourth package is the Anti-Freak package, which is designed for “the night before the exam”.

Why UniqMaster

The Team

We are a team of three motivated and passionate individuals who have the passion to make a difference in the world as we believe the global education system is not fair.  Since we are students ourselves, we understand the challenging struggles one faces while having to study. Thus, we created UniqMaster to make life easier for the students of the generation after us. 

 Maryam Mahjoub


Mobina Sharifi



Göran Hegenberg


Bremen, Germany 28759

Contact us

Tel: +49-1703557932 

E-Mail: info@uniqmaster.com